About Me

Hi! I’m Yulia Milana and this is my personal blog. Thank you for stopping by!


The main reason I decided to start my blog is to record and share my everyday life with family members and friends. I want my blog to be a little bit about everything: life, traveling, fashion, my little Yorkie Bella, quality time with family and friends, and random adventures.

Right now, I am engaged to my wonderful fiancé Trevor, and we are just starting to plan our wedding. I think this blog will be a great memory tool down the road as I believe I will have a lot of special memories to share. I will work on my creativity and grammar, so bear with me as I am new to this and English being my second language makes it a bit harder.

Why did I name my blog Roses and Tea? Well, my favorite flowers are roses, and I am addicted to green tea, so why not roses and tea I thought, plus it sounds sweet and girly to me.